• How does GraphQl handle conflicting operation names?

    0 Working on a large codebase, I came across 2 exposed graphql mutations with the same name. To my understanding, these should give an error when generating the graphql schema, yet the site is perfectly functional. Both these mutations have the same method arguments as well. I want to know what are the rules on […]

  • GraphQL Server unreachable

    0 I am trying to create serverless azure function with graphql in visualstudio code. I am following the below tutorial Build Serverless API with GraphQL and Azure— Part I After starting the application, i see the error attached in the browser. unable to execute query because of the error. Tried with the embed sandbox on […]

  • Curl graphql query to insert with html character

    0 I need insert in Shopify from CURL with graphql a html traslation but not accept "<" character I try with < < but nothing.. {"query": "mutation CreateTranslation($id: ID!, $translations: [TranslationInput!]!) { translationsRegister(resourceId: $id, translations: $translations) { userErrors {message field} translations {key value locale} } }","variables": {"id": "gid://shopify/Product/myid","translations": [{"key": "body_html","value": "<p>La Camicia da Uomo in […]

  • Trying to run Login graphql query(Magento 2) in jmeter with graphql http request but request is not being sent properly and results in 500

    0 Below is the query I am trying to run to generate customer token. Can somebody help me out? Query runs successfully in Postman. mutation Login($email: String!, $password: String!) { generateCustomerToken(email: $email, password: $password) { token customer { …CustomerFragment } } } fragment CustomerFragment on Customer { email firstname lastname mobilenumber user_source pushnotification group_id is_subscribed […]

  • How to check to which service is being queried by Apollo Gateway

    0 I have two services in my Apollo Gateway configuration. I can only connect to one of them with a VPN. I would like to check this using the X-Forwarded-For header. public makeGateway = (): ApolloGateway => { const gateway = new ApolloGateway({ debug: this.config.DEBUG, supergraphSdl: new IntrospectAndCompose({ subgraphs:, }), buildService: this.buildService, serviceHealthCheck: true, […]

  • How can I getting only the number id of the product in shopify using graphql and laravel app

    0 This is my routes Route::get(‘/carts/{numericProductID}’, ‘AppHttpControllersShopifyController@showProductDetails’) ->name(‘showProductDetails’); This is the link to direct to other page to show/fetch the details of the selected product <a href="{{ route(‘showProductDetails’, [‘numericProductID’ => $product[‘node’][‘id’]]) }}">View Details</a> php html laravel graphql shopify Share Follow asked 33 mins ago Ruel A AlmoniaRuel A Almonia 111 bronze badge 1 What is […]

  • How to specify auto-generated types by Prisma for the code-first Graphql resolver on NestJS?

    0 Suppose I want to execute a many-to-many mutation like below, which is cited from const createCategory = await{ data: { title: ‘How to be Bob’, categories: { create: [ { assignedBy: ‘Bob’, assignedAt: new Date(), category: { create: { name: ‘New category’, }, }, }, ], }, }, }) To implement Graphql […]

  • Getting ‘Module not found ‘ error when running nodemon

    0 I want to run my index.js file to access graphql endpoints so i can be able to query the data, access it but i keep getting the ‘ module not found’ error code. import React from ‘react’; import ReactDOM from ‘react-dom’; import ‘./index.css’; import App from ‘./App.jsx’; import ‘bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.css’; import { ApolloClient, InMemoryCache, ApolloProvider […]

  • Invariant Violation APOLLO: Using next.js and ts

    0 I get an Invariant Violation when using the apollo client on react, specifically when I use the ApolloProvider. If I delete those ApolloProvider lines the problem goes, also I already tried removing the provider from Next-Auth. I’m using typescript and I don’t know if the declaration of the apollo configuration is correct. This is […]

  • Use of enum in apollo server 4

    0 I am learning to build a GraphQL API, and I’d like to usethe type enum In my database, the data looks like this : const missions = [ { id: "1", name: "Mission 1", status: "in progress", }, ]; And and my schema and resolvers like this : const typeDefs = gql` enum Status […]

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