Source of Truth & Nautobot Fundamentals – Virtual – July 13-14, 2023

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Learn from the Network Automation experts in this 2-day workshop on the fundamentals of Nautobot!

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July 13 · 7am – July 14 · 3pm PDT



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  • 1 day 8 hours
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Learn Network Automation from the experts. Network to Code Academy has been training network engineers along their Network Automation journey for 8+ years.

In addition to training, NTC is THE network automation solutions provider committed to helping clients improve operational efficiencies and the reliability of their networks while reducing costs and allowing IT teams to deliver services faster.

We offer introductory, intermediate, and advanced training, teaching courses on a variety of languages, skills, and technologies in the network automation space.


  • Understand what a Source of Truth is and the types of data that can be stored in a Source of Truth
  • Understand concepts and terms such as Systems of Record, Authoritative Source of Data, and Single Source of Truth
  • Articulate the difference between operational state (observed) and intended state (desired) data
  • Understand the role a Source of Truth plays within a network automation platform
  • Learn how to Deploy Nautobot, its dependencies, and the Welcome Wizard Application (plugin)
  • Navigate the Nautobot UI and populate Nautobot with Source of Truth data


  • Basic networking knowledge, e.g. CCNA Network operations experience, e.g. IP Address Management, Racking, Cabling, etc.
  • Familiarity with network management tools

Course Description

This course introduces fundamental concepts as they relate to Source of Truth from exploring the use of YAML files to using a first-class Source of Truth such as Nautobot. Nautobot is an open source Source of Truth (SoT) application for network environments that helps define what should be both from a physical and logical perspective including defining sites, regions, racks, rack elevations, device types, and also configuration data. As a central component of a Network Automation Platform, it serves as a Source of Truth and includes a device inventory and configuration data that represents the intended state of the network versus the operational state of the network.

Upon completion of this training, you will understand the fundamental design philosophy of Source of Truth, Systems of Record and the benefits of tracking both the desired state and the operational state of enterprise networks, and how you can leverage Nautobot to define your network’s intended state.

Course Summary

Day 1

Topic 1 – Why Network Automation?

Topic 2 – Nautobot Overview and Installation

Topic 3 – Nautobot Organization and Devices

Day 2

Topic 4 – Nautobot IPAM to Circuits

Topic 5 – Nautobot Apps

Topic 6 – Nautobot Programming

Topic 7 – Nautobot Extensibility

Course Outline

Day 1

Topic 1 – Why Network Automation?

The course begins on Day 1 by describing the network as it exists today, challenges with the network, and several approaches to network automation. Key terms, including Systems of Record, Intended State, Operational State, and Network Source of Truth, are defined and explained.

  • The Network Today and Its Challenges
  • Getting Started with Network Automation
  • Current State of Network Operations
  • Why Network Automation?
  • Systems of Record, Intended vs Operational State, and Network Source of Truth
  • Why is the Source of Truth Data Important?

Topic 2 – Nautobot Overview and Installation

Moving to what Nautobot is and how it addresses network challenges, the next topic describes its use cases and origins. The question of why Nautobot is needed is addressed, and the unit ends with an overview of the web user interface, general data models for the network, and then specifically Nautobot core data models.

  • What is Nautobot?
  • Nautobot Use Cases
  • Nautobot Origins
  • Why Nautobot?
  • Nautobot Web UI Overview
  • Data Models
  • Nautobot Core Data Models

Topic 3 – Nautobot Organization and Devices

Topic 3 focuses on describing and demonstrating each aspect of the Nautobot web user interface, including the two key menu tabs Organization and Devices.

  • Organization, Regions, Sites, Rack Groups, and Racks
  • Tenants, Statuses, and Tags
  • Devices and Interfaces

Day 2

Topic 4 – Nautobot IPAM to Circuits

Several other Nautobot web user interface menu tabs are introduced, including aspects of IP Address Management, Virtualization, Power, Secrets, and Circuits.

  • Prefixes, IP addresses, and VLANs
  • Virtualization, Power, Secrets, and Circuits
  • Learning the Circuits Model

Topic 5 – Nautobot Apps

One of the three Nautobot use cases, Nautobot as an application platform, is highlighted. Nautobot apps are introduced, and one is shown in detail, with numerous others introduced at a high level.

  • Introduction to Nautobot Apps
  • Data Validation App in Detail
  • Overview of a Variety of Apps

Topic 6 – Nautobot Programming

Much of Nautobot can be programmed from the web user interface, and this topic goes through the steps to use Swagger for ReST APIs and GraphiQL for the GraphQL query language. More programmer-focused approaches are also shown, including the pynautobot interface for Python and nautobot-ansible.

  • Nautobot Web UI, Swagger, and postman
  • Pynautobot
  • Nautobot-ansible
  • GraphiQL and GraphQL

Topic 7 – Nautobot Extensibility

The workshop ends on the second day by discussing Nautobot’s ability to extend past what is available in the core package to meet specific client needs.

  • Nautobot Data Model Layers
  • Logging, Data, and Automation
  • Jobs

Major Points:

  • This is a two (2) day workshop.
  • Class hours will start at 9:00am and run until about 5:00pm Eastern Time.
  • Each student will have their own dedicated pod with Nautobot installed.
  • This course has over 50% hands-on labs.
  • Looking for a private enterprise offering of this course for your team? Contact [email protected] for more information.

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