Suncap Technology, Inc. Remote, OR (Remote) Full-Time

Title: Software Engineer (Azure Native, Springboot Microservices, Java)
Position: Contract to Hire

Interview Process:

  • o How many rounds? 3 rounds – 2 technical rounds, 1 managerial
  • o Video, phone, or in person? video
  • o How technical will the interviews be? Quite technical


  • This position is required for OptumRx platform engineering team where we are targeting three main areas by providing engineering teams the ability to self-provision, self-configure, and self-manage and operate the experiences they build on top of a platform.
  • Platform team provides software, tools, and APIs for engineers to do their work, but in addition provides the necessary documentation, templates, guidelines, consulting, and support to enable the engineering teams.

Summary of the project/initiative:

  • Part of OptumRx CTO organization, OptumRx Platform engineering organization is focused on building core capabilities across product lines ( aligning with product model) to enable developers to build, on top of core platform capabilities
  • scalable products with high speed, quality

Describe the team: The team is 8 members, software engineers, product owner, architect

Ideal candidate background:

  • Technical resource with analytical and software engineering skills.
  • Healthcare and Pharmacy knowledge is desirable.
  • experience in Platform engineering. Developing APIs using NodeJS ( NodeJS Asynchronous runtime ).

Top responsibilities:

  • Work in a fast paced agile development team
  • Aims for high quality code and low error rate
  • Work collaboratively in a team environment
  • Self starter that doesn’t require much guidance
  • Must be able to manage the engineering problems and software architecture.
  • Take the business requirements and transform them into new software solutions using the latest technology.
  • Finding the best tech solution among all possible to solve the existing business problems.
  • Describing the structure, characteristics, behavior, and other aspects of software to project stakeholders.
  • Defining features, phases, and solution requirements.
  • Analyzing the technology environment and documenting requirements
  • Participating in technology selection
  • Controlling solution development
  • Supporting project management
  • Engineering and software architecture design
  • Good in Team Management, Collaboration and Communication.

Experience Required:

  • Exp. in Java,J2EE,Java Scripts.
  • Experience in onboarding products in Azure Platform with utmost quality and best possible in cost optimization
  • Experience with SQL/NoSQL databases
  • experience in DevOps best practices in cloud native environment.
  • 15+ years of exp. in the S/W Industry including 8+ years of relevant management or leadership experience in building scalable platform services and product.
  • Expertise in developing microservices .
  • Exp. in Consuming & Pushing from/To Kafka stream services(Local/Cloud)
  • Expertise in doing coding reviews, and writing code with best practices.
  • In-depth knowledge of design patterns
  • Exp. in writing Unit & Functional Test cases, Code Coverage etc..
  • Exp. in performing Functional ,Performance and Security Testing
  • Good to have an Exp. in Dynamic Application Security Testing
  • Good in Problem-solving and decision making skills
  • Experience in building high performance, highly scalable applications.
  • Exp. in the integrating with CI/CD and DevOps tools
  • Good to have an Exp. in GraphQL and GraphDB

Skills/attributes required:

  • 5-7 years Azure Native Development Experience
  • Java Springboot Microservices Technologies
  • Full Stack Development is desirable
  • Java- J2EE
  • Java Scripts
  • Open-Source Tools and Framework
  • Azure Public Cloud
  • Jenkins
  • Git
  • Sonar

Skills/attributes preferred:
1. Good communication skills
2. Able to collaborate within a large organization
3. Easily adapt to changing environment

Ideal candidate background:
тАв Experience building and deploying micro-services
тАв Knowledge of Agile and Scrum processes
тАв Jenkins experience of similar CICD toolkit
тАв recognizes the need to write clean, maintainable, scalable and well tested code alongside likeminded Engineers moving in a fast-paced environment
тАв Work within agile sprints to deliver high quality code to meet business requirements
тАв Up to speed on both client and server-side frameworks and modern development practices
тАв Ensuring that the performance, quality, and responsiveness of our applications are always maintained with every change made
тАв Collaborate with a multi-disciplined team to define, design, and ship new features
тАв Pharmacy and PBM knowledge is desirable
тАв Pharmacy and Medical benefits, prior auth, claims is desirable
Java Springboot Microservices Technologies

  • Full Stack Development is desirable
  • Java- J2EE
  • Java Scripts
  • Open-Source Tools and Framework
  • Azure Public Cloud
  • Jenkins
  • Git
  • Sonar

Technologies used тАУ
тАв Java Core тАУ Microservices Springboot тАУ 5 to 8 Years Of Exp.
тАв React Js-Next JS тАУ 3 to 4 Years Of Exp.
тАв Open-Source Tools and Framework – 4 to 5 Years Of Exp.
тАв Node Js
тАв Azure Public Cloud
тАв Jenkins
тАв Git
тАв Sonar

Recommended Skills

  • .Net Framework
  • C Sharp (Programming Language)
  • Java (Programming Language)
  • Sql (Programming Language)
  • Extensible Markup Language (Xml)
  • Visual Basic (Programming Language)