Job Description:

Senior Application Engineer

5+ years’ experience as an Application Engineer

Proficiency in debugging/profiling JDK based languages

Advanced work with JDK CI/CD and build toolchains including Maven, Gradle, SBT, Jenkins

Experience with modern RPC microservices, specifically GraphQL and gRPC

Proficiency in developing for Unix/Linux based environments including shell basics as well as process and network diagnostics

Exposure to monitoring, metrics and tracing tooling – ELK stack, Splunk, Prometheus, Grafana, Graphite, OpenTSDB, OpenTrace, Jaeger

Exposure to message-oriented architecture – ZeroMQ, JMS, AMPS, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Google pub/sub

Exposure to process/container orchestration technologies – Mesos, Kubernetes, OpenShift, docker

Hi proficiency in data architecture in both SQL and NoSQL data stores such as MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, HBase

Experience with reactive streams implementations and observables – ReactiveX (RXJava, RXJS, etc), Akka Streams, Monix, Spring Reactor


Understanding of machine architecture and natively compiled languages such as C++ and Rust

Experience with functional programming languages such as Erlang, Clojure, Lisp, Scheme

Experience with JavaScript/TypeScript and Node.js

Experience with CQRS architecture

Experience in financial markets, especially fixed income and equities

Experience with Scala functional and/or concurrency libraries such as ZIO, Cats Effects, Akka, Scalaz, FS2

Experience with timeseries data and databases (KDB, InfluxDB, QuestDB)

Responsible for designing and developing complex requirements to accomplish business goals. Ensures that software is developed to meet functional, non-functional, and compliance requirements. Ensures solutions are well designed with maintainability/ease of integration and testing built-in from the outset. Possess strong proficiency in development and testing practices common to the industry, and have extensive experience of using design and architectural patterns. At this level, specializations start to form in either Architecture, Test Engineering or DevOp. Contributes to story refinement/defining requirements. Participates and guides team in estimating work necessary to realize a story/requirement through the delivery lifecycle. Performs spike/proof of concept as necessary to mitigate risk or implement new ideas. Codes solutions and unit tests to deliver a requirement/story per the defined acceptance criteria and compliance requirements. Utilizes multiple architectural components (across data, application, business) in design and development of client requirements. Assists team with resolving technical complexities involved in realizing story work. Designs/develops/modifies architecture components, application interfaces, and solution enablers while ensuring principal architecture integrity is maintained. Designs/develops/maintains automated test suites (integration, regression, performance). Sets up and develops a continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline. Automates manual release activities. Mentors other Software Engineers and coaches team on CI-CD practices and automating tool stack. Individual contributor.

Bank of America’s Global Banking and Markets Technology Organization..

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1st shift (United States of America)

Hours Per Week: