Raleigh, NC (Remote)


Our Sales team needs a technical ace in the hole for when the questions get tough. Driven by a strong belief in the business applications of knowledge graphs, you’ll work one-on-one with both prospects and Sales team members to help discuss how TopQuadrant’s flagship data governance platform, TopBraid EDG fits within their technology strategy. You will gain a full understanding of how EDG is architected and a clear understanding of how EDG can be used. Additionally, you’ll be tasked to invent and implement creative solutions for edge-case issues.

What you’ll do

  • Support sales teams with deep technical knowledge and understanding of TopQuadrant’s product offerings
  • Collaborate closely with customers by constructing demos, visioning sessions, and working meetings to understand customer pain points and brainstorm solutions
  • As the customer facing technical lead, this role acts as the primary resource in solving technical issues and inquiries in pre-sales and onboarding processes.
  • Proactively engage with product and engineering teams on roadmap, soliciting and sharing customer/prospect feedback where necessary.
  • Assist in documentation efforts around TopQuadrant’s product offerings, internal knowledge base, and training resources.
  • Contribute to TopQuadrant’s marketing efforts by participating in webinars, videos and presentations.
  • Report to the Head of Sales and engage with senior leadership regularly
  • In 12-18 months, build and develop a team

Your Superpowers

  • Having a “why not” mentality fueled by an innate curiosity to learn and apply technology to solve real world business problems
  • Dogged obsession over customer value
  • Keen listener possessing the “empathy gene”
  • Insatiable curiosity to assimilate technical information quickly with an enthusiasm to share and teach others
  • Proven experience influencing technical audiences in their language, and influence business audiences by translating complex technology concepts into easy to understand terminology
  • An ability to build new processes while having a knack for making it “feel custom without being custom”
  • Hands-on experience with one or more technologies in the enterprise data governance and/or metadata management space

Your currencies

  • Problem solving: You stand for the elegant and the practical solution. You are driven by expertise and getting the solution right for the customer’s benefit. And you love the power of data.
  • Relationships: You get joy from helping others succeed.
  • Impact: You want your work to matter, to make a difference, and to set an example for the way things can be.


  • Proven experience successfully demonstrating and articulating the value of semantic technologies
  • Knowledge and previous experience with TopBraid EDG, TopBraid Composer or any other enterprise knowledge graph software
  • Experience in developing semantic models using SHACL or RDFS/OWL/SPARQL to address customer requirements
  • Experience with GraphQL
  • Track record of building and mentoring a team

Working at TopQuadrant best exemplified by our values

  • Boldy Customer-Centric. Every decision we make boils down what is best for the customer
  • Substance over Style: Focusing on flat hierarchy, being decisive, constantly improving, and taking feedback. May the best ideas win.
  • Connections matter. A team that sticks together is unstoppable. Presume the best intent and inspire others.
  • Trust & Flexibility. We are more than any one label. Remote-first, well-compensated (competitive salary, bonus, and extended benefits) teammates get better work done, smile more, have great work-life balance and, frankly, are more fun to work with.
  • Having a “Killer app” mindset. Building technology to solve real problems. Work with your team, pick a lane, and run.

Recommended Skills

  • Infrastructure
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software As A Services
  • Managed Services
  • Architecture
  • Platform As A Services