Job Description

Duration: 3-6 months
Visa; Only USC
Must have a LinkedIn profile

Basic Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree specializing in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics),
or a closely related field, from an accredited college or university, or equivalent combination of directly related education and/or experience.
• 3+ years designing and contributing to API-based project(s)
• 6+ years professional experience with Python
• 2+ years of experience with relational databases, like PostgreSQL(preferred), MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle
• 1-2 years of experience with a web application framework in any of: Python, Java, .NET, Ruby, Node.js, or Go
• 1-2 years of experience designing and integrating with web-based HTTP APIs (REST (preferred), GraphQL, SOAP)
• 1-2 years of experience with ETL or data processing/integration using tools such as Apache Spark,
PySpark, Pandas, Parquet, Amazon EMR, Databricks, Informatica, Oracle Data Integrator, • SQL Server Integration Services, or similar platforms or vendor tools
• 1-2 years developing applications using an Object/Relational Mapper, Django ORM (preferred), Hibernate, Entity Framework.

Must have experience:
• Experience working within and influencing Agile teams.
• Experience submitting Pull Requests in GitHub, and passing Continuous Integration checks
• Proficiency developing and deploying applications on a Linux OS
• Proficiency with non-relational/NoSQL databases, like Elasticsearch (preferred), Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4j, OrientDB, or similar
• Experience with a caching solution, like ElasticCache (preferred), Redis, Memcache, Hazelcast, Geode/GemFire or similar
• Proficiency with Spark APIs (preferably PySpark) to manipulate DataFrames
• Experience building and tuning analytical SQL queries for ETL, reporting, or AI/Client data prep, preferably using PostGres
• Experience managing AWS cloud services, such as RDS, EC2, S3 and the AWS CLI
• Experience using Docker to build containerized microservices applications and DevOps tools