RIT Solutions, Inc. Kansas City, MO (Remote) Full-Time

Duration: 3-6 months
Visa; Only USC
Must have a LinkedIn profile

Basic Qualifications

тАв Bachelor’s degree specializing in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics),
or a closely related field, from an accredited college or university, or equivalent combination of directly related education and/or experience.
тАв 3+ years designing and contributing to API-based project(s)
тАв 6+ years professional experience with Python
тАв 2+ years of experience with relational databases, like PostgreSQL(preferred), MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle
тАв 1-2 years of experience with a web application framework in any of: Python, Java, .NET, Ruby, Node.js, or Go
тАв 1-2 years of experience designing and integrating with web-based HTTP APIs (REST (preferred), GraphQL, SOAP)
тАв 1-2 years of experience with ETL or data processing/integration using tools such as Apache Spark,
PySpark, Pandas, Parquet, Amazon EMR, Databricks, Informatica, Oracle Data Integrator, тАв SQL Server Integration Services, or similar platforms or vendor tools
тАв 1-2 years developing applications using an Object/Relational Mapper, Django ORM (preferred), Hibernate, Entity Framework.

Must have experience:
тАв Experience working within and influencing Agile teams.
тАв Experience submitting Pull Requests in GitHub, and passing Continuous Integration checks
тАв Proficiency developing and deploying applications on a Linux OS
тАв Proficiency with non-relational/NoSQL databases, like Elasticsearch (preferred), Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4j, OrientDB, or similar
тАв Experience with a caching solution, like ElasticCache (preferred), Redis, Memcache, Hazelcast, Geode/GemFire or similar
тАв Proficiency with Spark APIs (preferably PySpark) to manipulate DataFrames
тАв Experience building and tuning analytical SQL queries for ETL, reporting, or AI/Client data prep, preferably using PostGres
тАв Experience managing AWS cloud services, such as RDS, EC2, S3 and the AWS CLI
тАв Experience using Docker to build containerized microservices applications and DevOps tools

Recommended Skills

  • Application Development
  • Problem Solving
  • Information Technology
  • Operating Systems
  • Agile Software Development
  • Troubleshooting (Problem Solving)