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Jacksonville, FL (Remote)


NodeJS API Developer Role:We are developing a distributed system of APIs, transforming products into a scalable federated system. The NodeJS API Developer role focuses on developing new APIs via GraphQL per a specific domain. The APIs are then exposed through our API Gateway. These APIs will be consumed by a multitude of front end applications. All services are containerized and launched using our Kubernetes cluster.

At times, some of the data we need will exist in legacy systems. Unsurprisingly, legacy data may have mixed domains or schemes that are not scalable. Our task is to extract and translate the data into new databases, largely focusing on making sure a single domain is extracted, avoiding tight coupling. Then we decide whether to mass migrate or support parallel information through Kafka slowly moving away from the old system, and keeping old archived data.

NodeJS API Developer Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with a dynamic group of people in various time zones
  • Build, test, and maintain across the full cycle within a domain
  • Develop domain centric API services / Microservices
  • Own development, quality, and maintenance of each service launched
  • Own security, monitoring, and alerting on everything you develop
  • Write unit tests that help prevent regression
  • Own services from build to deployment, followed by maintaining service and optimizing performance
  • Opportunity to move across the stack between backend and frontend development if interested

NodeJS API Developer Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of NodeJS API development (for senior candidates, 5+ years preferred)
  • 3+ years working professionally with NodeJS in any capacity
  • 2+ years working professionally with GraphQL
  • 1+ years of experience working with other languages besides JavaScript is highly preferred (Kotlin, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, C#, Clojure, etc)
  • Demonstrated knowledge of how distributed and monolithic architectures work
  • SOLID grasp of programming paradigms and patterns
  • Clear understanding of best practices and testing patterns
  • Experience working with TypeScript, Prisma, Jest, and Apollo Server are a plus
  • High ability to tolerate the occasional dad joke or pun
  • Working knowledge of event driven systems
  • Recommended Skills

    • Databases
    • Javascript (Programming Language)
    • Professional Services
    • Ajax (Programming Language)
    • Extensible Markup Language (Xml)
    • Financial Services