Front End Developer IIILocation: RemoteTell us about your department:The Product List Page (PLP) team maintains and enhances the search, browse, and promo list pages on the website.Project Description:The PLP team is responsible for finding the right balance of feature, function, and revenue in the customer’s discovery and shopping journey. Our vision is to create a seamless shopping experience that empowers customers to easily find the right products, compare prices and features, and make confident purchasing decisions.Position Summary/Job Description:We are looking for a talented and experienced Front End Developer III to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of React as well as web development principles and technologies. The candidate will be involved in building both web and app experiences.How much time will the resource spend pair programming?The resource will spend up to 50% of their time pair programming during the first two weeks. After that, pair programming will be entirely up to the individual.Skills Overview:• 7+ years of experience in web or app development• 3+ years of experience with React and/or React Native• Strong understanding of JavaScript, HTML, CSS• Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills• Strong communication and teamwork skillsWhat are some preferred/nice to have skills the manager is looking for?• Experience with TypeScript, Redux, or GraphQL#DICE