EAS Build iOS Failure: Authentication with Apple Developer Portal failed


I’m using EAS to build my Expo app, and today I started getting this error when attempting to run an iOS build, either local or on EAS servers. I’m thinking it’s an issue with Apple servers, so I’m hoping it gets fixed soon.

Output from build command:

тЬФ Select platform тА║ iOS
тЬФ Using remote iOS credentials (Expo server)

If you provide your Apple account credentials we will be able to generate all necessary build credentials and fully validate them.
This is optional, but without Apple account access you will need to provide all the missing values manually and we can only run minimal validation on them.
тЬФ Do you want to log in to your Apple account? тАж yes

тА║ Log in to your Apple Developer account to continue
тЬФ Apple ID: тАж ...
тА║ Restoring session /Users/.../.app-store/auth/.../cookie
тА║ Session expired Local session
тА║ Using password for ... from your local Keychain
  Learn more
тЬФ Logged in New session
Authentication with Apple Developer Portal failed!
    Error: Cookie not in this host's domain. Cookie:developer-mdn.apple.com Request:developer.apple.com

Anyone else have this problem and have any ideas on how to resolve it?

I’ve tried removing the stored authentication cookie and signing in again. I also tried signing in on App Store Connect to see if there was any issue with my account but I couldn’t find one.

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I was getting the same error. I was able to start the build, after selecting no for the "Do you want to log in to your Apple account?" question. I hope this workaround works for you.

github issue https://github.com/expo/eas-cli/issues/1672#issuecomment-1416851869


  • This works for the build but submitting the app with EAS is not possible :/

    – Tim Langner

    14 hours ago

  • Yes I was able to build by skipping the sign in, but then I had to make some changes to the configuration of the app's provisioning profile, and now it needs to connect to Apple before it can build. Hopefully it's fixed soon.

    – Kollin Murphy

    14 hours ago

  • Does not work for me. As soon as I hit "No", it says, No Problem, but asks to log in right away.

    – Alex A

    2 hours ago


I started having this issue today too.
There is old issue in github that seems to be related
Looks like it just started happening again today.


I think I found a temporary solution to this problem. I commented on this forum, I hope I can help you 😀

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I was able to work around the Apple sign in by using local credentials.


By going to the Expo website I was able to download the distribution certificate and provisioning profile certificate. There was also a file that had the password needed to access the distribution certificate. Then I configured the production build profile in eas.json with

"ios": {
  "credentialsSource": "local"

And I created a credentials.json file with

  "ios": {
    "provisioningProfilePath": "relative/path/to/provisioning/profile.mobileprovision",
    "distributionCertificate": {
      "path": "relative/path/to/distribution/certificate.p12",
      "password": "<MYPASSWORD>"

Then building with the normal command, it no longer prompted me to sign in to Apple. Build worked like a charm!


I wont advise to put the password in a file, it’s a dangerous practice.
I guess the Expo EAS team will need to have a look and find a solution for all of us users.

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I am facing the same issue.. any help will be greatly appreciated

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