• How does GraphQl handle conflicting operation names?

    0 Working on a large codebase, I came across 2 exposed graphql mutations with the same name. To my understanding, these should give an error when generating the graphql schema, yet the site is perfectly functional. Both these mutations have the same method arguments as well. I want to know what are the rules on […]

  • GraphQL Server unreachable

    0 I am trying to create serverless azure function with graphql in visualstudio code. I am following the below tutorial Build Serverless API with GraphQL and Azure— Part I After starting the application, i see the error attached in the browser. unable to execute query because of the error. Tried with the embed sandbox on […]

  • Curl graphql query to insert with html character

    0 I need insert in Shopify from CURL with graphql a html traslation but not accept "<" character I try with < < but nothing.. {"query": "mutation CreateTranslation($id: ID!, $translations: [TranslationInput!]!) { translationsRegister(resourceId: $id, translations: $translations) { userErrors {message field} translations {key value locale} } }","variables": {"id": "gid://shopify/Product/myid","translations": [{"key": "body_html","value": "<p>La Camicia da Uomo in […]